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Jane Cunningham Croly, a NY journalist, founded the first woman's club in 1868. In 1889 she brought existing clubs together to form a national organization, which became the GFWC. In 1994, she was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame.

The General Federation of Women’s Clubs is the largest organization of volunteer women in the world, boasting over 10 million members worldwide. It is the network of support that helps our club better serve our community.

Some of the advantages of GFWC membership are:

• Broader contacts and viewpoints, with the exchange of information and ideas on a district, state, and international level.

• Diversified interests, with projects and programs offered in the arts, international affairs, education, conservation, home life, and public affairs.

• Avenue for worthwhile service, where each member contributes her individual efforts.

• Opportunity to mold public opinion through the joining of many small voices into one large force.

Federation Facts
• Founded: 1889
• Headquarters: Washington, DC
• Color: Blue, signifying constancy

For more information on the GFWC, or to find a club near you, go to www.gfwc.org.

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